Electronic Installation

Design Director: Power Tian


In this installation, two fans have quite similar appearances and look like ‘twins’ at first glance. One of the fans is covered with LED lights and rotates randomly; it physically presents a fact of ‘fan in slow motion’. The second fan, which rotate with a high velocity, has caused a persistence of vision and also present an impression of ‘fan in slow motion’ in our perception experience.From the angle of ‘Man A Trinity’, our ‘body’, as the medium of receiving external information, has relatively fixed rules and functional limitations. Nevertheless, the ability of dealing with information on the level of ‘soul’ also has limitations. Based on the intake of harmful information, ‘fast’ is soon deemed as ‘slow’, different objects are soon recognized as ‘twins’. Only ‘spirit’ offers us a chance to bid farewell to agnosticism, to go beyond our worship for thing-in-itself, to truly reach a perception for ‘nature’ and ‘representation’.