Time is an illusion

New media art exhibition

Exhibition Director: Power Tian

The emergence of new media art has provided us with a different perspective to explore human beings’ relationships with time, space, the object,society and nature. With the consciousness of time as the basic premise of creative cognition, we create our artworks and it has inspired this meXdia exhibition. “Time is an illusion” is proposed as a cultural theme for us to express our understanding of the essence of the initial time, and exploration.

By adopting the philosophy of “beingtowardsdeath” and assuming that time is no longer exist, our perspective goes beyond the time and we realize that time is only an illusion. We try toexplore the nature of eternity under the restriction of our usual time experience; think about how to transcend thelinear dimensionand eventually gain a uniqueexperience of timewhichgoes beyond the current dimension of time.Based on suchperspective, “Clean” and “Routine” present time as a periodical cycle,enable the viewer to examine the meaning of time from different angles, using different natural materials and multimedia techniques.Contrarily, “Monitor” and “The Fish Tank” show a nonlinear perspective, try to break the linear dimension of timeandconstruct a transcendent experience within our restricted noumenon consciousness.