The Monitor


Interactive Video Installation

Design: Power Tian


A typical monitor we have known is usually based on multi-angle observations and shows a linear video monitoring that is synchronized with current time. “Monitor” has applied that multi-angle observations to the work, however the moving images that shows from different angles are not synchronized with current time.

Audiences have become a part of the work when they are not aware of the monitor; their behaviors are recorded through the lens and are presented in front of them. These‘monitornized’ moving images arouse their senses of themselves in different moments that happened in the past, create a surveillance experience that make them wonder “what time did this happen?” Their memory about their past activities has become the only standard for them to measure the time difference between that moment and the time on the moving images.

“You’re standing on the bridge enjoying the scenery glorious. Someone else sharing it is looking at you as their view out of their window. The bright moon is the adornment of your windows. And you are that of their dreams.” A poem writes. The same idea applies in this work–audiences who watching the moving images have also become the visual materials for other people whom comes later than them. The dramatic scene that happened in the space has transferred into the  dimension of time.