The Fish Tank


Interactive installation

Design Director: Power Tian


“The Fish Tank”questions the nature of time as beinga virtual reality,try to explore itsnature froma physical perspective and wish to inspirethe audience to think aboutthe issues of existence, nihility and time.Thework contains three parts: the box, the ‘fish’ and the AR display.


The Box – Time as Container

The setting of the wooden box represents time. The impression of infinitythat generated by the reflections of the mirror implicates the fundamentalattributesof time – endless and eternal.


The Fish – Infinite life

The setting of the acrylic fish inside the box represents a fossil – a frozen life that blocked by time.

The glow of the fishis extended by infinite reflections, deliver a message that the existence of beings is just like the existence of the time –unlimited and eternal.


The AR display – the Happening? Or the Past?

The augmented realityinstallation allows the audience to imagine what happened in the boxor what is happening in the box.The 3D animation illustrates the story of the fish inside the box which happened in the past or that ishappening

at the moment, depend on our view towards the AR installation (the pad) .The pad can be seen as an X-ray or simply as a physical virtual imagerydisplaying equipment.