Social Cubes

Interactive Installation

Experience Design:Power Tian

Hardware Design:Ke Li,Xin Li

Design Guide:Zhiyong Fu

The various devices support people’s interaction in the social network. The relationship of users is also a kind of the connection of devices. The growth and change of social network are, to a degree, determined and influenced by the effect of the devices.

What if the device interfaces shows the connection performance of user relationship in the social network? The devices are connected, as a holistic view, in the physical display space. Meanwhile in the screen of every device, the content expresses the social relationship from individual view. The strength of connection, activity and influence is different in the individual device. The performance of client devices shows the difference of the perception and opinion to the social network by the individual user.Every cube represents a person in the society that has different color to show its character, gender and social identity. Cube could be received by text message. The color and icon of the cubes will change when the text message is received. This change will affect the cubes around it and therefore forms a variation in a large area. The results illustrate the affect of personal option on a group and the society in the social network.