New media art exhibition

Exhibition Director: Power Tian

When our feelings are unable to connect, our consciousness are unable to cognize, our reasons cannot understand and our emotions are lack of willingness, some information are hidden from us. The hidden information exists between the presence and the absence, an opportunity is required to wake it and to display it.

By exposing the displayed information repeatedly, the information has become inerting for us and has transferred into an invisible mode involuntarily. Conversely, by processing the hidden information in a way could somehow effectively activate it and make it visible. The hidden information and the displayed information demonstrate two different representations within the same body. Their relationship is like the Mobius ring – both exteriors ties closely to each other and keep shifting from one to another.

For this exhibition, hidden is the form of the creation for all the artworks, as well as the content which we wish to explore with our viewers. The obscured face, the ‘invisible’ form, the strange scene – riddles have been given and answers are left to the viewer.