Devil’s Trick


Electronic Installation

Design Director: Power Tian


Devil’s Trick is an installation with two display boards. A LED light source from one board can reach to another through the fiber optics. After distorting and rearranging the sequence of the fibers, the two displays from the same light source start to show two completely opposite contexts – “Honey” turns into “bastard”, “I love you” turns into “I hate you”, just like the love – hate relationship between lovers. The twisted fibers hanging in the air has given a kind of secretive volume, complex routes and dynamic movements. Such twisted transformation is presented to the audience, just like the revelation of ‘the devil’s trick’ from the Bible – to distort or change our understanding of the real ‘fact’ by twisting.

In this existing world, information and emotions are usually encoded according to certain rules and are stored in some kind of medium, for instance, languages, texts and body languages. Humans are required to decode those complex information and emotions under the limitation of the existing carrier. The medium and our decoding process have become the main battlefield for the ‘trick’. It is devil’s greatest reward to turn us away from the pleasant truth.